Apply to be a teacher at Advantage English!

Welcome to Advantage English based in Nagoya, Japan. We were founded in 1996 by Raul Boggio and Yoko Honda.
They created the ‘Talk Advantage’ method for teaching English conversation to adults.
It is a completely original method designed to keep STT (student talking time) high and TTT (teacher talking time) down, while having genuine conversations on various topics.

We especially focus on daily conversation. The Talk Advantage method is one of the main reasons Advantage is able to compete in the highly competitive ‘eikaiwa’ business.
Students not only enjoy themselves but the lessons are packed with value.
We do not use textbooks for adults. All teachers are required to use our Talk Advantage method to teach adult classes.
Our adult teachers do not resort to games or theatrics to keep the lessons fun, nor are overly enthusiastic personality traits necessary.
Advantage teachers are caring, accommodating, punctual and friendly, but most importantly, they allow students to talk as much as possible and then provide native English alternatives. The method we use ensures that you can achieve a productive ratio of 80%+ STT and TTT of 20% or less.

All teachers are trained in the Talk Advantage method. A trained Advantage teacher will have the confidence to never have to rely on textbooks again for adult lessons, anywhere in the world. The method is not only effective, but also creates a classroom atmosphere that is fun, not only for students but for Advantage teachers as well. New Advantage teachers often remark, “I learn so much about Japan through my students!”

For children, we do use a variety of textbooks, activities, music and games. When teaching children we hope our teachers always push the students to improve in a fun, friendly and positive manner. Advantage kids teachers are patient, creative, enthusiastic, caring, consistent and dependable.

We teach all ages, online and we make studio English materials, reels and other visuals. A typical schedule includes adults, children and studio work. We also sometimes send teachers to houses, businesses and other schools. Most of the teaching is at our various schools in the city, all near subway stations. No driving is necessary.

If you are an experienced young learners teacher, we especially welcome your application. However keep in mind that as long as you meet the minimum requirements, we accept all applications. You do not have to be experienced to apply to Advantage English.

We also teach German and Spanish. If you are fluent in another language besides English, please let us know.

Our staff consists of female and male instructors from various countries. We hire native speakers or near native English speakers.

Conditions and benefits:

We sponsor teachers and provide full support in order to get the work visa.

Shakaihoken (company insurance/pension).

Working hours: 35 per week, average of between 25 to 26 contact hours.

Sundays and Mondays off. Last lesson on Saturday is finished by 7pm.

One year, renewable contracts. 230,000-250,000 per month starting, for inexperienced teachers. Experienced teachers can expect 250,000-300,000 per month.

Transport paid.

Teachers secure their own housing but we can provide assistance by providing information on suitable agencies.

Japanese lessons available

Career opportunity as an instructor, manager or studio talent.

Great environment with an outstanding management team that provides caring support in English and Japanese. We are selective and all our teachers are a pleasure to work with and the atmosphere is positive.
Teacher turnover is very low at Advantage English.

**To apply, send the following to this email address:

1. Resume with recent photo and nationality
2. Cover letter
3. 30 second+ video telling us about yourself

Thank you and we look forward to hearing from you.

Advantage English